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|Mercedes Casanegra

Same signs, different road  (selection)



At the beginning of year 2003, Iliana Regueiro felt the need of making a radical change in the development of her work. However, there is a concept that contributes to bridge the gap between her previous and her present work : the idea of transit. The former referred to representing the landscapes which escorted her in her trips through the country roads. There was a mimetic concept in her painting which she did not attempt to transgress. Present work is also related to the idea of course and transit, though seen from a complete different place.

In a parallel way, another key found in this artist´s work is the shift she introduces into the signals direction.

The present work, as a whole, consists in a series in which each part belongs to a narration, whereas all parts together make up a pictorial essay on the theme.

With a metaphoric language, Regueiro´s work shows the duality and unveiling of the different existence approaches. At the same time, her production seems to tip the scales towards the research of certain principles regarding the sense of the life course, related with the exploration and attempt to face the unknown, the self as named by Carl G. Jung. "The hidden nucleus of the psique" (1) or "the unique and ultimate being of each individual in the world"(2). That is to say, the part of the personality that is not subject to external cultural mandates, but those intimate and unique parts which make each individual an original being.

To be able to touch this inner part implies a development also associated with an aesthetic conception of the existence.

This option can be unveiled or not. The little birds whose beaks point upward to the sky as in "The beginning of the unique sense", -which we know now that it is the symbolic place of liberty and full realization- seem to have discovered another way, and also to be fascinated with it.

Mercedes Casanegra
Asociación Argentina e
Internacional de Críticos de Arte

1. von Franz, Marie Louise, "El proceso de individuación" en Carl G. Jung, El hombre y sus símbolos, ....Biblioteca Universal Caralt, 1977, Barcelona.
2. Nante, Bernardo, "Aislamiento e intimidad", Revista SOPHIA nr. 53, Bs.As., agosto 2005, pág. 84.
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