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| iliana regueiro

Variations on an orange net 


For the artist, the experience is the unique (essential) condition. In the process of negation and affirmation, it is which provides the artist with the means to develop his/her language and its renewal.
 Anna Maria Maiolino, 2001 


Along her career as an artist, Iliana Requeiro has been working on different ways of expression and is now inaugurating other proposals.
One of the characteristics which boosts Iliana´s artistic development, is her personal attitude towards exploration resulting in a passionate and active investigation into the image ground. And, in spite of looking as redundant because we live in the field of the visual arts, part of her artistic methodology consists in the selection of a theme which influences her work from the very beginning, almost visually pure.
From this point, her strategy consists in the closest observation of the endless versatility of the situations offered by the chosen theme.
Photography, digital imagery and paint are her tools. However, we have so far related to Iliana in the way Luis F. Noé would name in his Antiestética the Iliana artistic "evolution". In some way, we have not mentioned her works but presented some components of her creative imagination and her potential to crystallize it into her work. We said, at the beginning, that her first known images, such as landscapes, were done by a method quasi mimetic, though, from the new process containing abstract planes her work led to a symbolic field.
Present images arise from an accidental encounter with a punctual element, pieces of orange plastic net whose habitual use is to sign the parts of streets under repair.
These pieces of material which could be unnoticed for the ordinary passer-by, are the new leitmotiv of her work. Also, they have become a trigger of new themes and networks which eventually acquire a new artistic rank.
From this point on, the artist has worked with variations over this theme: transparency, malleability, flexibility, shades, liquefaction –when she playfully plunges the net into the water- among others. The effects move away from the original theme, which, however, have given them its identity.
The orange net, in these games of transformation, becomes dematerialize, transformed to another thing.
Not only has the orange net become a platform to boost a broad spectrum of artistic possibilities for Iliana Requeiro, but they have also become a reflexion point over the conscience itself, always opened to things to come.
Mercedes Casanegra

March, 2008.
orange net | 2008 | txt 1 | mercedes casanegra