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Artist statement


Today chaos and dizzing time are prothagonists inhabitants.

I don´t elude them, I simply seek some balance.

Painting. The choice of this medium is not whimsical.

Painting time is almost anachronistic in relation to the speedy and massive

Visual images produced by other media that invades me permanently.

I claim that time, from the first minute, when work conception begins ( I wonder

If that moment could be defined), the spaces between doing and not doing go by,

until the very last moment, far away from the first one.

I work in series. Perhaps at first glance not one of them seem to follow the other

in a recognizable way, although one feeds from the previous one in a

successive, accumulative and unintentional way.

In the last series an specific object caught my attention, and after being decontextualized,

It was taken as a vehicle to convey the sense of my work.

In Chaos Grey, my internal chaos and a peripheric one, mutate and transform into a

Series of austere and serene images.

In Dialogue series, chaos gives place to an inner dialogue, which interacts with my memory.

An almost alchemical process starts; a daily record of memories reconstruction is activated.

Pieces begin to fit together as if it were a huge and elaborated puzzle.

Iliana Regueiro, 2014.