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Iliana Regueiro attended to Laura messing and Luis Wells ateliers ( 2001-2008), and to several seminars and workshops at C. C. Recoleta, Di Tella University, and MALBA museum, among others.

During 2010-2011 she attended and graduated from the Escuela de Proyectos, in charge of artists and teachers: Manuel Ameztoy, Andrea Juan, Sergio Bazán and Augusto Zanella.

Between 2001 and 2011 she has participated in collective exhibitions at C.Cultural Recoleta, C. Cultural Borges, 1/1 Caja de arte, Isidro Miranda Gallery, Elsie del Río Gallery , Thames Gallery ,and Fundación arte x arte. She has carried out three solo shows at Isidro Miranda Gallery, and recent ones at Central Newbery Gallery and Carlos Thays Botanic Garden.

Nets, comunication, chaos, space / territory, emptyness, and dialogue are all main issues present in her paintings. These particular topics arise from certain references that disturbes her from somewhere and give place to a sort of daily memory reconstruction.

Painting, as an expression media, emphasize a humanized time; an own Kairos which rebels against the universal crhonos.

Her Works are part of private collections in Argentina, Uruguay, U.S.A. and France.

Lives and Works in Buenos Aires, Argentina.